The 3 Biggest Reasons Why People Buy a Personalised 3D Pet Pillow

Here at SquishyFacedCrew, our most popular products by a distance has always been our 3D pet pillow. The premise of this popular personalised pet product is really very simple - we take a high quality picture of your pet and we use it to hand-make a totally bespoke and unique pillow of your pet. It's a cool product, but we do get asked one big question around this product - why? 

There are a range of reasons why you may want to order a 3D pet pillow, so lets dive into a few of them;

You miss your pet 

Our pets are a huge component to our home-life, and we grow to love them like we do our children. As is a fact of life, eventually we will all, including our beloved pets, cross the 'rainbow bridge'. Many of our thousands of customers have found solace in a pet pillow, finding it acts as a visible and life like reminder to the dearly loved and hugely missed pet. A personalised pet pillow will never replace the real thing, but it can act as a lifelong keep sake to go someway towards filling the void 

You travel and miss your pet 

We often find a spike in sales of our pet pillow immediately after Christmas, Easter and summer vacations - which lead us to running some research. January is normally a dire month for retailers, and these spikes have been consistent for us - so what has been happening to drive these sales? It turns out that the second most popular reason for buying a 3D pet pillow is to act as a reminder for folks who're away from home - and the most common one in this bucket is those who are away from home for school or university. Hence these 3 definitive spikes which happen through the year. A Christmas spent at home with the family pet can be hard to leave behind, and a 3D pillow pet can help avoid this trauma. 

Those who can't have a pet of their own 

Whether you're precluded from pet ownership by a rental [property] agreement, or an allergy, or a lack of space - for whatever reason, there are often periods in peoples lives when they can't have a pet. A pet photo pillow, whether one of a pet you knew, or dreamed of owning, or even a hugely followed Insta pet - can fill some of that void! 

Are you ready for us to make a pillow of your pet? Head over to our product page and check out the options here 

Before you do, here's a few cheatsheet items to consider to ensure you get the best outcome possible;

  • Your picture choice will make or break the product outcome - big clear pictures work best, preferably taken in good outdoor lighting. 
  • The product is available across a range of sizes. People often expect the 20cm pillow to be larger than it is - think of the size of a ruler and remember that 20cm is small. This is ideal for very small pets, like budgies and hamsters OR for those seeking a product which they can easily pack in a case to take to uni or on work trips. If you want a 'life-sized' product, you need to look at our larger sizes. 
  • These are hand-stitched. We take your picture and we print it on soft cloth. The colour of printed fabric can be slightly different to 'life', so bear that in mind. 
  • Unless expressly asked to do so, we do not edit your pictures besides removing the background elements. The actual pet picture will remain un-touched and as provided to us 
  • If for whatever reason you're not happy about the outcome, we're here to help - talk to us and we will resolve with you