Politique d'expédition

In order to provide our customers with the combination of the best prices and product ranges, including our wide array of highly customisable products we use a combination of 'on demand' services to bring you our products. 

If an order is especially time urgent - please do contact us to make us aware and we will endeavor to hurry things along as quickly as possible

  • Printed merchandise: 
    • Stock merchandise - any gear which you have not customised - will be printed on demand with the order placed with our printers at the point of purchase. In our key markets, including the UK and the USA, our products typically ship to your door within 7 days of purchase and are printed within 2 days 
    • Custom / personalised gear - this follows the same process as above but our design team need to work on ensuring your images and text work perfectly each time. This is slightly more time consuming, so please allow up to 10 business days for your order to arrive. 
  • Physical products - including our toys and cleaning products
    • We have our physical gear located in an array of different countries. Where possible, and where options exist, we share 'shipping from' information on each product page. Please select a location closest to you to speed up delivery 
    • Where items are shipped from China, they can take upwards of 20-30 days to arrive. This is often case due to customs and other unforeseen challenges which are out of our control. Often goods will arrive much sooner, but if you're concerned please do contact us and we will provide clarity and help